The French carry out real estate operations in the Balearic Islands since 2021
Farms, wineries, boating, technology, health and business services are the sectors that are capitalizing on investments.

The French market is leading the percentage of growth in real estate operations in the Balearic Islands since 2021, mainly due to the positive effect of the implementation of the road Tolón-Alcúdia, as well as with Ciutadella. Mallorca and Menorca, in this sense, are the two islands most favored by the arrival of a tourism with high purchasing power and an age profile between 30 and 50 years. The Consulate of Gaul in Mallorca emphasizes that the "rediscovery" of the island "has an impact on the evolution of investments in the sale of rustic properties, warehouses and houses," explains Consul Michel Magnier.

Real estate developers and builders emphasize the particular idiosyncrasy of the French investor. Mainly, because thanks to the maritime company Corsica Ferries "it comes to Mallorca with his private car and this allows him to know directly and without hurry all the offer of nature, gastronomy, active tourism and, basically, the urban centers, the Serra de Tramuntana, farms of all kinds and houses in the urban centers". Consul Magnier emphasizes that the potential French investor: "He knows and is surprised by what he sees, which later translates into a personal interest in acquiring a house that he owns, which will later become his first residence.

He adds that unlike other European issuing markets, the French investor stands out for his predisposition to buy all kinds of real estate: "He is positively surprised by the interest he shows, as confirmed by the operations of buying wine estates, rustic properties that he restores and then resells, as well as the creation of all kinds of companies based in Mallorca or Minorca. The excellent connectivity is the main reason for this personal decision to settle and reside permanently. One of the sectors that benefits most is health, since Mallorca, according to the Consell de Mallorca, "has everything to be a destination open to all segments of tourism and health and interior (yoga, etc..)" .

The average investment for the purchase of houses, mainly with sea views, exceeds 300,000 euros, although there are millionaire investments with the acquisition of wineries with their vineyards and rustic estates located in the Pla de Mallorca and in areas near the Serra de Tramuntana . Here, we must also include the rural hotel industry of Menorca, an island where 50% of the purchases in the real estate and tourism sector have been monopolized for two years.

From the main foreign real estate agencies that operate in the Balearic Islands, they comment that the Gallic market "represents a high percentage of home purchase operations, focusing its attention on villas and penthouses with sea views, with pools and gardens. These are the most sought-after properties because in the short or medium term they can be resold, after having made heavy investments for the reform. This is an option chosen by the French investor and widely accepted".

A company
Consul Magnier shares this assessment because, he says, the French investor "also sees a business in buying all types of housing on the islands to resell later as an investment. The diplomat explains that the Platform of information and accompaniment of the French-speaking (PIAF) supports the SMEs created by the French. In this case, "the Consulate serves as a link to integrate the resident community and businessmen into the productive and social fabric of the Island," says the Consul.