United Airlines exceeds all its forecasts on the first flight from New York-Newark to Palma

he North American airline has been forced to put a plane with greater capacity due to the great demand

United Airlines exceeds all its forecasts on the first flight from New York-Newark to Palma

The United Airlines plane, landing this Friday in Palma. | TP

The United Airlines flight from New York-Newark landed this Friday at 10:45, with 240 passengers on board from the states close to New York and the Canadian areas of Ontario and Ottawa. He has done it two hours late due to weather issues.

Given the great demand in the United States, the company has been forced to change planes and put one with more seats. In principle a Boeing 757 was planned, with capacity for 214 passengers, but in the end it has used a Boeing 767-322, with 240 seats, to which must be added those of the crew. The flight has come in full, both in economy class and in Business. Precisely, the most expensive tickets are those that have been purchased before and are fully booked on the next flights from the Big Apple.


The airline has three weekly flights scheduled until the last week of September, which will mean that the overall number of passengers that the company will transport from the United States to Mallorca will exceed 15,000.

Most of the passengers will stay in boutique hotels in Palma, which will mean that occupancy in establishments exceeds 80% these days, as well as in other types of accommodation on the Island. The type of tourist that arrives is of high purchasing power and has a great economic impact on all tourism sectors, including restaurants, shops, complementary offers and sports and cultural tourism.

The arrival of this flight meant that two hours later the United Airlines plane was scheduled to depart from Palma to New York with Mallorcan passengers and other nationalities residing in Mallorca. From the employers’ association of Aviba travel agencies, chaired by Francesc Mulet, they indicate: “The prices of tourist packages in New York have increased considerably, since the cheapest rate ranges between 800 and 1,000 euros. The price of the package, which includes plane, transfers and hotel, stands at an average of 1,600 euros for four nights.

The first flight from Palma “is 80% occupied, a percentage that will be repeated on average in the rest of those scheduled throughout the summer season, which, once again, will exceed the marketing forecasts of the airline,” they pointed out. from Aviva.

source:Ultima Hora