Traditional houses in Majorca

Traditional houses in Majorca

The traditional houses of Mallorca, also called “possessions”, are historical country houses that were built between the 15th and 18th centuries. These houses were generally owned by noble families, rich merchants or large landowners.

They are built using local materials such as stone, wood and terracotta. They often feature exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, interior patios and lush gardens. Red tile roofs are also a common feature of these houses.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the traditional houses of Mallorca is their interior distribution. These houses are generally organized around a central patio, which serves as a meeting point and the heart of the house. Rooms are often arranged around the patio, creating a sense of light and space throughout the house.

Over the years, many traditional houses have been restored and transformed into luxurious country houses for wealthy owners or into charming hotels for tourists seeking authenticity. These houses have been carefully renovated using traditional materials and respecting the original architectural features.

They are also a symbol of the agriculture of the island. Most of these houses were once surrounded by large agricultural estates, where the owners grew olives, almonds and oranges. Some of these properties are still in operation today and offer visitors a glimpse into the rural life of Mallorca.

The traditional houses of Majorca are witnesses of the history and culture of the island. They are built with local materials and are organized around a central patio. With their rustic charm and location in peaceful agricultural estates, these homes are a popular destination for tourists seeking authenticity and for investors looking for luxury properties.