The direct Palma-New York flight returns at the end of May

The direct Palma-New York flight returns at the end of May

Each American tourist spends an average of 1,000 euros per day, which has a significant impact on the island’s economy.

The direct flight PalmaNew York returns at the end of May, as confirmed by United Airlines. Specifically, they will resume on May 26 and continue until September 27. Flights will be operated from Son Sant Joan de Palma airport on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week of the above-mentioned period; departure will be at 11:00 am. Departures from Newark Liberty International Airport will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 7pm. This airfield is located between the cities of Newark and Elizabeth in the northern part of the state of New Jersey, 24 kilometers from New York.

The director of the Palma 365 Tourism Foundation, Pedro Homar, stressed that the frequencies have been improved, since last year there were only two weekly; while the deadline has been extended, this year there will be flights until the end of September and in 2022 it was until the middle. For Homar, this shows that it worked well. United flew more than 9,600 Americans to Palma in its first season of operation.

Homar assured that this flight had a very important impact on the economy of Mallorca, in general, and Palma, in particular. These tourists have a very high purchasing power and it is estimated that they spend an average of more than 1,000 euros each day. In this sense, he argued that they usually stay in charming hotels in Ciutat. In fact, there are several of these establishments, such as Sant Francesc or Can Bordoy, whose main customers are Americans. In addition to accommodation expenses, there are expenses for food, shopping, excursions, etc., so it is easy to exceed 1,000 euros per day. “The American tourist is not looking for the sun and the beach, for that he has the Caribbean much closer; requires gastronomy, history, culture, traditions …” he said.

A potential market of 350 million citizens

In addition, he stressed that the direct flight from Palma to the United States “puts the island on the map, with a potential market of 350 million citizens “. In this sense, he pointed out that Mallorca and Palma are fashionable among Americans, who, although they come more in high season when there is a direct flight, also travel with a stopover the rest of the year. “In Palma, you hear Americans talking all year round,” Homar stressed. In this sense, he argued that they are very easy travelers. In fact, although they usually come for 10 to 12 days, in the capital of the Balearic Islands, they stay between 2 and 4 days, because the others travel to the rest of Europe or make cruises. The fact that the capital of the Balearic Islands is very well connected is also an attraction for these tourists.

In addition, he emphasized the intention of the Palma 365 Tourism Foundation to attract conventioneers from the United States, as these events are held in mid and low season and generate many benefits. Note that one will be held in May. Homar also appreciated the work of the Consell de Mallorca to turn the island into a movie set, which is a very valuable promotion of the island.

The insular Minister of Transition, Tourism and Sport, Andreu Serra He said that the resumption of this flight is “the confirmation of a project that has been in preparation for some time and on which we are working intensely, a public-private partnership”. collaboration. According to him, “the U.S. market is increasingly interesting” and he stressed that “we have many proposals.” “It’s not just a road, but we have opened a market that was nascent and is consolidating and projecting.” Serra predicted that “we have had a route for a long time and many possibilities and this is great news for Mallorca.”

From the government’s Ministry of Tourism, they made a “positive assessment”. In this sense, they argued that “it is an emerging market and of high quality”. In addition, they stressed that “this connection allows to attract tourists with high purchasing power, benefiting the entire value chain of tourism. Finally, they stated that “the government continues to work so that these types of routes and connections are not only in the summer”.

Finally, from the Hotel Federation of Mallorca, they assured that “this seems to us to be excellent news, it is a customer profile fully consistent with the values of the Mediterranean: culture, gastronomy and heritage.

Buy houses and weddings in Mallorca

The direct flight from Palma to New York has also sparked American interest in buying homes in Mallorca. This was stated by Jorge Forteza, vice president of the National and International Real Estate Association of the Balearic Islands ( ABINI ), who added that the real estate market on the island has always been attractive to citizens of the United States (USA), but this has increased for the improvement Connections.

The preferred areas for Americans are those in the interior of the island, such as the Serra de Tramuntana or Son Vida ( Palma ). “They are very much in love with the authentic Majorcan lifestyle,” he explained. He also said that they were not only looking for luxury homes, but had also bought them for less than a million euros. The forecast is that this market may continue to grow and have a long way to go due to the aforementioned improvements in air links with America. However, he said that limitations in the supply of homes must be considered because the territory is limited.

Another sector that is benefiting from this boom is weddings. Pedro Llabrés, president of the Association of Wedding and Event Professionals of the Balearic Islands (APBEB), assured that many Mallorcan companies benefited, since the Americans who choose the island to celebrate their weddings rent high-end services. The bride and groom usually come with about 70 to 80 guests, who usually stay in luxury hotels. Moreover, they celebrate the ceremony in very Mediterranean and high standing places. As for the menu, it is usually around 200 euros, while the average for other weddings is between 120 and 130 euros.