Majorca, a premium Mediterranean destination in 2023

Majorca, a premium Mediterranean destination in 2023

The island of Mallorca presented at the
International Luxury Travel Market
(ILTM) in Cannes, considered the most important luxury trade fair in the world, the main values of the island to become the
luxury destination in the Mediterranean
for this year 2023.

The island’s Minister of Tourism, Andreu Serra, emphasizes: “We have become a reference destination in this segment of the tourism market, since the island has everything in terms of luxury hotel services, gastronomy, sports, culture and complementary. Serra adds that at ILTM “we have seen an increase in bookings for this year, much higher than competing destinations in the Mediterranean. This is due to the effort of the private sector, which is strongly committed to offering the best quality and to attracting, but above all to retaining and consolidating, this segment of vacations.

The Consell highlighted the importance of the boutique hotels in Palma, the offer of agrotourism, the iconic five-star hotels and the 11 Michelin-starred restaurants, and how “this has allowed to conquer a greater market share in one year for another”. Serra also points out: “Luxury tourism is outside the fluctuations of the economy, such as inflation, and seeks quality, maximum exclusivity and differentiating products. Mallorca has been able to adapt to this demand and now we are positioned and in a leading position.

From the Essentially Mallorca association In a report published by the Association for the Development of Tourism, which groups together the island’s luxury tourist establishments and offers, they explain that the 2022 balance sheet “could not have been more optimal in terms of hotel occupancy throughout the year and the demand for luxury services for part of the international and Spanish tourism.

Looking ahead to 2023, after the Cannes ILTM, they say, “It’s still early, but the outlook is very positive for luxury tourism. Bookings are going very well and those made at the last minute (last minute) will have to be added, as happened in 2022”. They add that “our customer has elastic demand and price changes do not affect it, nor does uncertainty.”

From Essentially Mallorca, they point out that the increase in demand for luxury “explains the positive evolution at Palma airport, mainly in private jet traffic. This is proof that this niche market has opted for the Island, both before the pandemic, during the pandemic and now in the post-pandemic, because it is a safe destination and with infrastructure in line with those required by this very exclusive tourist market. “

The Mallorcan hotel management, as well as CAEB Restoration, Abone and the fashion store Casc Antic de Palma, say that this type of tourism has a very important economic impact on the entire tourism production fabric of the island. The fact that Mallorca has strengthened its position in high-end tourism, according to the private sector, has caused a reaction from competing destinations “but the demand remains faithful to us when checking what can be found in Mallorca.

Another factor in which the Consell, through the Fundació Mallorca Turisme, and Essentially Mallorca have an impact is the rebound effect that the direct flight between New York-Newark and Palma has had. Andreu Serra, in this regard, considers that “this flight has helped to influence high-end North American tourism, as seen in the boutique hotels in Palma this summer.

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